This song was around during our last year in college, I thought it was pretty good, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it at the time. Fast-forward to x-mas 2008; I heard this on Rock Band and remembered just how cool it is. A short series of mouse clicks latter and I discovered that the whole album is pretty cool. The equation that I’ve seen thrown around of Siamese Dream + Loveless seems to hold up pretty well. Dig, yo:


Japanese ART punk

Holy crap. Art punk exists in Japan?

I thought you would appreciate this video, and the totally 80s hairstyles.

I just recently got into the Zombies. They are, of course, best know for “Time of the Season” which I never really cared that much for, but I find that almost all their other songs totally rock my world. The late 60’s had such cool music. I’m jealous.

The Fabric of Fuji

How anyone can hate Fuji Fabric (フジファブリック), I can’t imagine. Their melodies are interesting, the verses and choruses match together like two pieces from seperate puzzles, but still make seem to make a clear picture, and they sing about UFOs! What is not to love? Plus, the man’s complete indifference while he sings is hypnotizing.

 And my personal favorite:

Now, I never thought very much about Panic(!) at the Disco, other than that they were obnoxious teen pop in the vein of fallout boy. but when I heard that they recorded a Beatles influenced, psychedelic pop album, I was intrigued. So I “acquired” the album and it turns out that I actually kind of like it. It would be a stretch to say that it’s a true psychedelic record; it lacks the mind-expanding disregard for convention to be that. What it is though, is solid pop-rock dressed up with a psychedelic aesthetic that makes what could have been “just another album” interesting enough to stay in your CD player. One song in particular stands out to me:

Now, the Beatles they ain’t, but it’s still a good listen and if it gets the kids to wade into deeper musical waters then consider it a success.

The Smiths were a really good band. Now, I know that’s a “well, duh” sort of statement but I never really listened to any of their music (outside of “How Soon is Now?”) until maybe about a week ago.

This particular tune is the sort of beautiful melancholy that made me so emo in high school.

Does this count as neo-soul?